The Death Dealer

The Death Dealer

​​Want a bike that makes you feel like a gladiator?

Ready to turn heads everywhere you ride?

​The Death Dealer motorcycle will do all that and more.

The story behind how The Death Dealer bike came along is actually a happy accident.

The vision I had in mind was for a more curvy, less radical build. But as everything started to take shape, the bike began to take on this evil, gladiator-style with sharp points and a rigid frame.

When I saw what it was starting to become, I thought “Man, this really reminds me of Frank Frazetta’s work.”

If you know anything about Frank Fazetta, you’ll know he’s got this real fantasy-fiction, dungeons and dragons, kind of style. I’d been a huge fan of his work for years, and as a lifelong artist myself, I’ve always said that I’d love to use his art in one of my custom builds. So as the bike began to take on more and more personality, I knew the time had come.

It was Frazetta’s paintings, The Death Dealer and Conan the Destroyer, that I chose to merge together, and it was award-winning painter, Mike Terwilliger, who helped me bring the vision to life.

As an ode to Frazetta, I named the bike, The Death Dealer, and it looks and rides just like it sounds.

So if you’re ready for this totally kustom bike to be totally yours, book a chat with me below to learn more about getting your hands on this one-of-a-kind motorcycle today.


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Constructed in 2007, this bike is LIKE BRAND NEW. It has less than 300 miles on it, and it was used for display at bike shows and short, casual rides ONLY. This isn’t a special constructed bike (it has a title). This is a rigid motorcycle, not a soft-tail.

Engine Thumb Paint Job Thumb Seat Thumb Shifter Thumb Rear Tire Thumb Handlebars Thumb Engine/Belt Thumb Chain Thumb

Full Specs

  • 120 CI Inch Ultima Motor (Completely Polished)
  • 3 Inch BDL Open Belt Drive
  • 250 Rear Tire
  • RC Components
  • Chrome Rims
  • HHI Chrome Calipers
  • Vicious Cycles Handle Bars & Pipes
  • Suicide Clutch Hand Shifter with a Grandeur Cycle Auto Clutch
  • 100% Hidden Brake Lines
  • Internal Throttle Cables
  • Push Button Start
  • Custom Leather Seat
  • Custom Paint Job
  • 6 Speed Polished Trick Shift Transmission
  • Chrome Starter
  • Single Sided Rear Brakes (Brake & Sprocket Combo)
  • 6 Inch Over Dragon Springer Front End

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